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Our Story


Tshirtmart recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and it has truly been an honor to serve the greater San Diego area by providing a quality printing service to anyone from creative individuals, local schools and nonprofit organizations to small business owners and major corporations. We offer custom embroidery and several printing options including direct-to-garment, silk screen, and heat press vinyl to fulfill most of your garment printing needs. With four locations, each housing its own production department, we have made a name for ourselves that continues to grow every day. We truly appreciate our customers that support us and provide valuable feedback to help us improve as time goes on. THANK YOU for your patronage and we hope to serve you and our community another 25 years!

What Makes Us Different?

The simple answer: Our Values. Our values set us apart from most companies. As a customer centric business, we take our customers’ needs seriously and seek to provide the best service possible.

Creativity - Without it, we simply wouldn’t exist. From the founders’ vision of Tshirtmart to the creative minds of our artists that fulfill customer projects every day, it is a fundamental building block to what makes us different.

Diversity - Our diverse staff, customers, and everyone’s unique perspectives are critical to our growth and adaptability. Diversity allows us to appreciate our similarities and differences, giving us insight for optimizing our strengths to assemble amazing teams to do great work.

Integrity - We understand that perfection in this industry is impossible BUT constant improvement is not. Integrity is achievable and something we strive for with every customer and project. Through extreme ownership and humility, we can maintain proper accountability and work ethic.

Harmony -We understand that without the help of every department, artist, and customer, we could not have grown or continue to grow at a higher level of efficiency. Teamwork absolutely makes the dream work.

Vision for the Future

In our quest to leave a lasting legacy in our community, we hope to inspire our creative team to continue their individual journey of artistic exploration while building and maintaining an infinite level of trust with our customers. We take pride in being the reliable and affordable resource that our customers can count on to fulfill their creative projects for many years to come as we pass “San Diego’s Best Print Secret” to the next generation of creatives so they may express themselves the way our founders intended for us.